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10 Ridiculous List that you should do

Asking for a friend!

    1. 10 reason why you would want to be Viking?

    They used to be a great tribe, and they expanded/raided as far as Greenland and West America

    2. 10 Reason why one would want to be Italian?

    Guys, cheese is great!

    3. 10 Reason why you should tell Dad Jokes at least once a day?

    A Dad Jokes a day, keep the Debbie away!

    4. 10 Reason why Pizza are not in any other shape but round?

    Have you seen a Squared Pizza before?

    5. 10 Languages you would be learn before learning English?

    If you were to be reborn into a non-English speaking family? It's great to know how to order food in other countries?

    6. 10 Reason why crying is better than laughing?

    People say laughter is the medicine, but, I think there's another side to that!

    7. 10 Reason why Norse Mythology is better than Bible?

    Bible is overrated? Time for a New Standard!

    8. 10 list of 2-combined literature that you would "Re-mix"

    Bible is boring. What if we have the bible combined with the famous literature, Monkey King? Now take that and do it 10 more times!

    9. 10 (One at a time) Super Power that you would want to have?

    Having more than 1 super power at a time is way too Overpowered!

    10. 10 Reason why making ridiculous list is the way more fun!

    I called this, the "list-ception"!

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