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10 Ridiculous things I could invent

Let's think about some things to could be invented.

    1. Solar panel blinds

    How many windows in the world also have blinds on the inside of them? People instal them to keep the sun out. What if those blinds could capture sun light and turn it into energy for the structure?

    2. Smart blinds

    Blinds that open and closed automatically based on what the sun is doing or what type of 'ambiance' you want.

    3. Home roof wind turbine energy collection

    How many single family 'roofs' are there in the world?

    I am going to invent a energy collection system where you instal small wind turbines across a home roof and it generate electricity for the structure or goes back into the energy grid.

    4. Soil that regenerates itself

    Farmers often wear out soil because they farm the same soil year after year. We need soil that will regenerate itself.

    5. Warehouse greenhouse that uses Solgro

    My friend created a product for farming that is a film that filters out certain types of light and makes plants grow faster. Would be cool to start an indoor farm using this tech and sell the veggie products.

    6. A software or AI where you enter your current life information and then enter in your dreams. House, car, vacation. Then the software tells you what you need to do to get there

    7. Audience builder

    A product that immediates generates an audience for you.

    8. Closet refresh button

    Click a button and all the clothes in your closet are updated to the latest style

    9. This should be number one: Business generator

    Click a button and a business is auto created for you and you just have to plug yourself in and take over.

    10. Assistant droid

    It would be awesome to have droid that could do all the things I do not want to do like the clean the house, take out the trash.

    I guess Elon is building this through Tesla with the humanoid robot. One day.

    11. Book plot generator

    Put in some information. Landscape. Characters.

    The generator gives you an entire plot that you can customize.

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