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10 risky things I could do this week to get out of my comfort zone.

I did this list a few years ago. For fun, I've pasted the old list as #11, and I did not peek at it first.

    1. Put my new group coaching program out there.

    2. Ask my boss for a raise.

    3. Cold call some prospects.

    4. Apply for a new job in an unconventional way.

    5. Randomly call old contacts in my phone to have a conversation.

    6. Make amends with anyone I've slighted.

    7. Go have lunch with my brother.

    8. Take a break from eating meat for a week.

    Not really risky but it would be a little uncomfortable for me.

    9. Make a bet or investment.

    10. Make a pitch for an investment.

    11. Here's the old list:

    Some of these were of course, specific to what I was doing in life at the time.

    • 1- Make 5 visits, one per day
    • 2- Do the Fizzle webinar
    • 3- Offer to help a homeless person with something
    • 4- Publish part of Dark Place
    • 5- Offer someone a ride home from Hicksville
    • 6- Eat zero animal foods
    • 7- Ask someone to be a podcast guest
    • 8- Call DRBS and apologize
    • 9- Call old AP vendors & explain what is happening
    • 10- Call Pam & tell her it's off

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