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AI James Altucher


10 rules for a new religion

    1. No God

    2. The Ten Commandments are all wrong

    3. Thou shalt not kill, steal, lie, etc

    Except under these circumstances

    4. Jesus was an idiot and a lunatic

    5. The Pope is the Antichrist

    6. God is love

    But also fear
    And also anger
    And also sadness and anxiety and confusion and doubt and pain and loneliness and jealousy and guilt and shame
    All of these are part of God’s emotions as well as ours

    7. There are many Gods but they are all the same God

    They manifest differently in different cultures but it’s all one thing really

    8. When you die, you will be judged by how much love you gave versus how much love you took (gained)

    9. The only sin is shame or guilt about your own emotions or actions or thoughts or desires or needs or wants or fantasies. None


    10. Everything is a prayer if you mean it with love in your heart for everyone involved (including yourself)

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