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10 rules to break?

What rules do I disagree with?

    1. It's OK to not be ok

    No it's not. If you're depressed don't just accept that as 'ok' work on improving your life. Work on improving your life regardless of where you are. Never settle for 'this is ok'. Stagnation soon leads to even worse depression. Moving forward gives you hope, meaning and makes you feel better.

    2. Finish your food

    Or to put fully 'there's starving kids in Africa. Finish your food'. African kids don't get free food based on how much you eat. Finished or not they're going without. What pushing yourself /kids to eat more does do is create a greedy mindset. No matter how full you feel you 'finish your food' then you wonder why obesity is such a problem. If your full, don't 'finish your food'.

    3. Don't be lazy

    In the sense of 'work harder. Don't be lazy'. You work to make money. You make money to have more freedom. When you get enough you end up sacrificing the thing you're aiming for. Work so you make enough, then enjoy life. You only get one shot, don't waste it 'working hard'

    4. Don't joke about X

    Joke about everything. Jokes work on surprise, doing what's expected (safe subjects) isn't surprising and not funny.

    No need to be mean, but all topics should be fair game. Just do it well.

    5. Stay in school

    Why? So you can get a good job. Most people I know (personally) done well by leaving early and working their way to where they are now. I don't think my degree has helped me. The skills I remember could be learned in a week from YouTube videos and as far as jobs, I'd be further ahead if I started earlier.

    Maybe I just picked the wrong course, but I feel most skills /knowledge can be picked up for free online.

    6. #bekind

    From what I've seen this rule means you be kind for a few weeks after a tragedy then go back to being nasty and the cause of what drives the next person to commit a tragedy.

    Just look how Amber heard its being treated by these folk. I condemn what she did, no need to be nasty though. It won't help anyone.

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