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10 rules to break?

    1. Don't Take Advice From Others

    Meaning, listen to others experiences and advice, but don't make a decision based off someone else.

    Even if you are wrong, you learn better from making mistakes and you take ownership of your choices.

    We are all different. And things are rarely black and white when making decisions.

    2. "You can do anything if you put your mind to it"

    You can't achieve anything if you don't try really hard. That is true.

    In America, we believe in the individual and the ability for anyone to do anything. Within reason, this is possible. However, if you aren't athletic, you can't be a professional athlete. That is a simplistic example, but I do not believe anyone can be Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. Some people are MUCH more talented than others.

    I do believe anyone can start a business, be quite successful, paint, write a book, etc. But, there are some people with immense talent that you may not have and that is ok.

    Sometimes this innate talent I'm referring to is just Energy. I have some wildly successful friends who I've never seen tired. They operate 100 miles a minute at all times. This hurts them some in social settings, but their energy level allows them to work harder, and longer, than anyone else I know.

    I have seen more people get crushed financially/emotionally/personally by "following their dreams" than I have seen winners. Be very calculated if you go this route.

    3. "Trust the Experts"

    We can all agree the experts are wrong quite often. New data comes out. Or that 1/10 possibly happens.

    I have found that being a contrarian helps, even if it just allows you to consider alternate possibilities. Never be 100% confident. Unless you are completely ok looking like a fool.

    4. "Go to College, Start a Career at 22, Get married at X, have kids at Y, upgrade your house when you are Z...."

    Everyone is different.

    Find your own path.

    Define your own areas of success.

    5. "The Rich and Successful Are Better Than The Average Person"

    Far from it. Everyone is human. And has major flaws.

    Don't idolize anyone. Admire achievements, but don't put people on pedestals.

    6. "Choose a Career at 21"

    Very outdated. You used to stick with a company for decades. I know highly successful people who would never stay with a company longer than 2 years.

    Other highly successful people would rather start and own a business than work for someone else.

    Find what works for you, but nowadays you need to remain flexible and always be willing to learn.

    7. I vote Democrat/Republican

    Think for yourself. Vote on issues and good candidates.

    Being good at winning elections doesn't mean a person will be good at legislation once they are elected.

    Don't vote straight down the line. Or you are a robot.

    Also, don't be jaded like me and not vote for anyone.....

    8. "I'm messed up because of my parents/siblings/that bad decision I made/etc."

    Almost everyone has something they wish they could change.

    The most interesting people in the world did not have perfect backgrounds.

    We cannot change the past. And, if you made 1 or 2 poor decisions, that's ok, you are human. You can overcome them. Sometimes it is much better to not get what you want right away. That's why child actors seem to struggle as they age. And the children of the ultra-wealthy.

    9. Work until 70

    Find a way to pursue FIRE (financial, independence, retire, early). Not bc you have to, but bc it's an intelligent decision. It teaches you delayed gratification. And it gives you some cushion during tough times.

    Ideally, you will continue to be energized and excited to work until you die. Even if it's a hobby. Some people get lucky and work in the field they want for decades.

    Bill Perkins book seems very interesting and I am excited to learn about his philosophy.

    Make sure to have some fun. There's a chance this is a simulation and nothing matters. So you might as well enjoy it.

    10. Religion is Great/a Waste of Time

    For some people, religion has saved them. It gives them hope.

    For some, it has been really bad for them. Everyone is different.

    11. You are your opinions/beliefs/thoughts/career

    If the candidate you voted for ends up being a disaster, or you thought gay people shouldn't marry in 1975, you aren't necessarily a bad person. You just had a certain belief at a moment in time.

    It's completely fine to change your opinion. In fact, it shows a lot of emotional intelligence to separate who you are as a person, from what you believe in this moment.

    12. You have to win an argument

    As Ben Shapiro says, you have to "own someone."

    This might be the worst advice ever. No one wins an argument.

    Why can't you just discuss things? Debate ideas? You might learn something.

    Debating my friends is my favorite thing to do. I'm in a 'safe space' where I basically cannot say anything "wrong." By having these debates I've learned a great deal and have changed my opinion about things 100 times.

    If someone has a different opinion or belief from me, it doesn't mean they are good/bad. And I am certainly not better than anyone.
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