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10 Scary Things to Try That Will Spur Personal Growth

Not like mortal terror (though yeah, a little bit), but to get yourself motivated to take steps in the right direction.

10 Scary Things to Try That Will Spur Personal Growth

    1. Lift heavy things.

    Ideally, under the supervision of a coach or trainer.

    But, trying to pick up things that are super heavy and learning how you CAN, in fact, do that is a life hack.

    2. Play in a game tournament with almost no experience.

    You should know the rules, but don't be anything more than the wide-eyed novice you are. It's fun, it's liberating, it's going to be hard to lose a bunch, but you'll be better for it AND people who know you're new love having new people join their community and learn the games they play.

    3. Do a trial at a martial arts gym.

    A lot of places will let you take a reduced-rate or free trial class to see if you like it. If you've never even thought of doing it, go try one out. Nothing like getting your ass kicked a little to get you to look at things differently.

    4. Write your own obituary.

    What will it say about who you should have become?

    5. Attend a kind of event that you consider "out of your class".

    If you've never been to an opera or symphony, go check one out. See what it's about. Be intimidated, then realize that everybody else is just a scared human like you. It'll be fun (and the music will be really great).

    6. Buy a stranger a drink.

    Or the bartender, if they're able to have one.

    I don't mean hitting on the person (but, if you were to do that that's pretty scary sometimes, too), but just doing something nice and seeing how it shakes out.

    7. Submit a talk to a conference or a panel.

    Bonus points if it's your first time speaking in public.

    8. Open mic comedy.

    You will bomb and it will be glorious and still a little funny.

    9. Open mic music.

    If you happen to have an instrument you play or sing, then you should try to play out in public.

    Again, you'll bomb your first time. Then you'll get better.

    Then you'll win.

    10. Ziplining, skydiving, extreme sports.

    You can do all these with a professional guide and have the time of your life.

    They seem crazy, but they're only crazy because you think they are.

    Get the blood flowing.

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