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10 services to sell as monthly subscriptions

I've just read an issue of the Side Hustle Nation newsletter and it was about a guy making $100k monthly recurring revenue building websites and charging a monthly subscription instead of a one-time fee. Interesting detail: he focuses on the pressure washing niche. And thanks to focusing on a niche, he uses the same template for all websites, saving him a ton of time.

What are some other services that could be sold as monthly subscriptions?


    1. Website copy

    I'm guessing website copy may need to get updated regularly depending on the business and what's going on.

    2. Graphic design

    3. Gardening

    4. Travel consulting / planning

    For people who travel all the time.

    5. Speech writing

    For people giving speeches regularly.

    6. Tweets

    Social media content is something that often comes with a retainer fee, so it's an obvious one. Managing a twitter account would be a more specific one.

    7. Video scripts for YouTube/TikTok/Reels

    8. Managing private online communities

    9. Programming

    10. Notion template building

    Some people are making tons of money making Notion templates or teaching people how to make them. Surely this could work as a monthly subscription in a very similar way as website building.

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