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10 Shows I want to watch

Needed a quick list today, so I went with some shows that are on my radar. I haven't been watching much T.V. lately, but I plan to dedicate some of my vacation time this summer to R&R.

I'm ofc very open to recs, so would love to hear others' thoughts!

    1. Yellowstone

    Bring back the cowboys! I first heard of this show on a podcast I listened to, and it intrigued me.

    2. True Detective

    I've heard that Season 1 is one of the best shows on TV. People can take or leave season 2 though.

    3. Marco Polo

    I love history (particularly ancient history), but I know very little about Chinese history. I've watched a few episodes of Marco Polo and have already felt immersed in the scenery and culture. Can't wait to discover more.

    4. Season 3 of Derry Girls

    I love this show so much. Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic, so I have high hopes for season 3.

    5. The Great

    As a huge period drama fan, I think the extravagance and quirky storyline of this series sound really fun.

    6. The Wire

    Often cited as the best show on T.V. I feel like this show is such an important cultural reference, so I want to experience it for myself.

    7. Broadchurch

    Broadchurch falls into the mystery/thriller genre that I really like, and it's highly recommended.

    8. Twin Peaks

    I feel compelled to watch this because a good friend of mine is from the Pacific Northwest but, incidentally, I hear it's great.

    9. Mare of Easttown

    Another recommendation from a close friend. In addition to being a thriller/mystery, this show appeals to me because it's only one season long and is less of a commitment than some other shows on this list.

    10. Wild Wild Country

    This docu-series was randomly recommended to me on Netflix and deals with a subject I've never heard about. Upon further investigation, I'd love to learn more.

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