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Collin Harness


10 Side Hustle Businesses ANYONE can start in a weekend

Must be able to start this business immediately.

- Low barrier to entry

- Low maintenance cost

    1. YouTube

    Start making videos now.

    2. Blogging - writing - copywriting

    You will need a computer.

    3. Standup comedy

    You might not be good, but you can do an open mic and try and make people laugh.

    4. Newsletter

    Substack, Twitter. Find your audience and get people to subscribe.

    5. Lawn mowing

    Find one client and you have business.

    6. Sales

    Lots of businesses need sales people to find customers and sell their products.

    7. Upwork

    Find jobs right now on Upwork.

    8. Sell stuff on ebay, craigslist, facebook, etsy etc.

    Whatever you have at home, sell it.

    9. Take surveys

    Time consuming, but you can earn some money at it.

    10. Kindle Publishing

    Write books and publish them on Amazon.

    11. Course creation

    Turn something you know how to do into a course.

    12. Airbnb

    Rent out a room in your house/apartment

    13. Uber/Lyft

    Drive someone from point A to point B.

    14. Facebook/Google/The Trade Desk advertising

    Run a campaign for someone

    15. Dropshipping

    Start a website and have another business fulfill the orders.

    16. Music

    Make and sell your music.

    17. Roblox - NFT Creator

    Use your creativity to make money.

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