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10 Side Hustle Businesses ANYONE can start in a weekend

I'm going to frame this a bit differently than "businesses you can start." Instead, I'll focus on ways just about anyone can make some money quickly, if they're in a jam.

    1. Dog Walking

    If you like animals, this can be a fun choice. There are plenty of apps that serve as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of pet care services.

    2. Ride-Share Driving

    The biggest barrier to entry here is that you need a car.

    3. TaskRabbit

    People put very obscure tasks on TaskRabbit, but often they aren't especially complicated.

    4. Babysitting

    Babysitting is difficult if you have no credibility in the space. But if you already have demonstrated experience taking care of children, people will be more likely to trust and hire you.

    5. Taking online surveys

    Is this the most efficient option? Definitely not. But if you don't have to pay for electricity or service (e.g. if you're sitting at a library all day) it has virtually no start-up costs or barriers to entry.

    6. Online freelance work

    This will depend on your skillset, but there are so many options in this space.

    7. See what people need help with on Craglist

    Obviously, use caution with what you see here.

    8. Set up a lemonade stand

    There might be some regulations surrounding lemonade stands, so consider looking into whether you need a permit first.

    9. Buy popsicles and sodas at a wholesale store, drive to the beach, and sell them there at a markup

    This definitely isn't a feasible solution for everyone, but with some tweaking it could probably work.

    10. See if any local hospitals or clinics offer a modest sum for blood donation

    If you're really in a jam, this can be one way to address it quickly.

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