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10 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

10 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

    1. Private quarterback lessons

    I've already started taking on clients for a healthy hourly rate. But I haven't been able to build a large enough book to make it a fulltime income.....yet. I've spent many hours playing quarterback. I didn't make it to the highest level of the game because that almost always requires the player to be 6'0" or taller. But I can coach other young quarterbacks as they embark on their journey in the great game of football.

    2. Technology coaching for seniors

    So much demand and need for this service. Every year, $3 billion is stolen from senior citizens through online scams. Digital security and education is desperately needed!

    3. Podcast

    I'm going do a Podcast interview with my friend, the great Jonaed Iqbal. Our first topic is going to be a good one.

    4. A service that puts up (and takes down) holiday lights

    Last winter, I saw signs for this service and loved the idea.

    5. English as a second language services

    I've already started this service.

    6. A public speaking coaching service

    I've really gotten out of my comfort zone over the past several years and worked on speaking in front of others. I'm not at a point where I'm an expert, but this is definitely a side hustle that people who are experts can start.

    7. Fitness class

    I've always been an athlete, from the time I was a kid. For most of my life, including right now, I've been able to stay in great physical shape. There is always demand for a product or service that promises to help people get and stay in shape.

    8. Referee or Umpire for youth sports

    As someone who has played and been around sports for many years, refereeing and umpiring are something that I can do without the need for any training. The drawback to this is that sometimes, players, parents and coaches take out their anger on you. I've seen it happen multiple times!

    9. Resume review/critique

    I've utilized the services of a very talented resume writer who is familiar with the key words that hiring managers are looking for on resumes.

    10. Decluttering service

    My home is a disaster and I wish it weren't. There's so much value in having a clean and organized home. I've taken steps to improve the situation, but it feels futile. For folks who have the money, I think a decluttering service could do very well.

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