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10 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

    1. Portrait Painting

    I'm a professional-level portrait painter. Have mostly done it for fun though.

    2. Website Copywriting

    I'm a web developer but I'm a decent copywriter also. I just don't typically do any at all in my day job.

    3. Freelance Illustration

    Did a lot more illustration work in my past life.

    4. Photo and Document Digitization

    I've thought about starting this as a way for the kids to make some spending money and learn some responsiblity.

    5. Team store side-business

    This is related to some team/company store software a friend an I already developed.

    6. Science Fiction online store

    This is related to a science fiction website I already have that generates some decent traffic, just needs better monetization.

    7. Power washing business with the kid

    I work a lot with a power washing supply company and would love to start a side business with my teenager at some point.

    8. Freelance coaching

    I've been a pretty successful freelancer and have debated trying to coach others

    9. Sticker design business

    Always thought it would be fun to try and create some fun stickers to sell.

    10. Product Configurator Software side-business

    I do all custom development work in my job, but I have thought about spinning off a separate company for product configurator software.

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