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10 Signs You Have an Abundance Mindset

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” – Mark Twain

I talked, in a previous list, about the mindset needed to build adaptability. One of them is the Abundance mindset.

The world wants us to have a scarcity mindset to spend more, scroll more, talk more, etc.

Unless we intentionally create the environment to remove the veil and see the abundant world we live in, we will live in scarcity.

These are some signs that show you have an abundance mindset :)


Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

    1. You operate from Want not Need

    Needing comes from having a scarcity mindset.

    2. You did not buy more toilet papers Than You Needed

    At the start of Covid. You dont go into panic mode :)

    3. You are a Giver

    Life gives to the giver.

    4. You are driven by Courage not Fear

    "I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster." - Catherine the Great

    5. You are Proactive

    You do not wait for life to happen. You roll up your sleeves and write 10 idealists :)

    6. You Own It

    We are human, we get angry, sad, and disappointed. But we should not blame anyone including ourselves.

    We own it and move on.

    We need to trust that the dot will somehow connect.

    7. You know things happen For You not To You

    Obstacles are the way. You see failure as a step to success.

    8. You See Good in People

    I know friends who start talking about what they didn't like about their dates.

    9. You are a Lifelong Learner

    You are not scared to admit you do not know. Every experience, comment, critique, and feedback is a chance to learn and get better.

    10. You are Grateful

    You are grateful for what you have, for the people that impacted your life, and for life.

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