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10 Simple but Powerful Life Lessons from Everyday People: Elsa Mora

I came across some lessons by late Elsa Mora which has been going viral on social media for a while now and thought to share some:

Elsa Mora was an artist and curator whose art has been exhibited worldwide in art galleries and museums.

I picked the points as headings and shed some more light on them on the description.

    1. If you want to enjoy the beauty of life, be present in everything you do.

    The most powerful moment in time is now. In the present you can make a choice or a decision.

    Think of it- every time you start missing the details, getting distracted and people start noticing - you're either worried about the future or thinking of the past which is keeping you away from the full moment.

    Your memories of your past are usually distorted and shaped by your selective memory and the meaning you’ve attached to your experiences

    2. Don’t judge others. Just observe, listen and learn from them. Every single person on Earth has something to teach you.

    Hard pill to swallow.

    Everybody has something to teach you.

    Criticizing people because they don't share the same view with you and not learning anything from them is short-term thinking and can backfire on you.

    You can never assume you totally understand another person or assume they understand you completely.

    3. Do good things for other people. By doing so, you’re planting little seeds of love. Those seeds will feed your soul when you most need it.

    If you're thinking of how to give back to the world - focus on doing goodwill for others.

    Do it more often to people who can't pay you back.

    Thats where the real blessings lie.

    4. Stress is part of modern society, but you don’t have to let it take over your life. A simple solution to reduce stress: define your priorities and eliminate everything else. Simplify your life in every possible way.

    I like the last point here.

    If you're looking to destress your life - you should start simplifying it.

    Get rid of negative emotions, overthinking and fear of judgment from others.

    Destress your life with by being more conscious of your habits.

    5. Spend time in solitude often. It will give you space for listening, feeling and seeing more than when you’re surrounded by people.

    Solitude can be healing to our brains and mental health.

    Meditate. Write. Journal. Try to note why you do certain things you do.

    Sometimes you could add some long walks to your solitude to clear your head.

    6. Suffering comes from wanting and expecting things to be a certain way all the time.

    Suffering is optional.

    It's all about perspective.

    Changing your life starts by changing your perspective.

    Whether you believe you have what it takes to be successful, confident, and fulfilled or not, you’re right.

    7. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Even when everybody else is doing it.

    Saying no is freedom.

    Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you a bad person. Or a bad friend. It only shows you value your time and boundaries.

    Don't do things you don't want to do because you want to fit in.

    Saying no makes you confident and happy. In the long run, it makes you productive and successful.

    8. Our time and energy is precious and limited. Think well before you decide how to spend it.

    Try to make better use of your time by being conscious about it..

    All those little things taking precious time away from you each and every single day must be reassed.

    Give more time to your highest priorities.

    9. Knowledge is nothing without experience. In order to really learn something really well, you have to somehow experience it yourself.

    Reading books, taking courses are great but you got to priortize taking action.

    That's where clarity comes in.

    Change comes from action, not from passive intellectual understanding.

    10. The best way to stay connected to life is to be aware of death. Our time is limited so do what you want to do, now.

    Everything you have right now, don't take it for granted. Otherwise you are gonna regret the things that you will eventually lose.

    Start doing things your future self would be proud of.

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