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10 simple spiritual ideas

    1. Note quality of subjective awareness directly and dispassionately

    2. Locate where in the quality of subjectivity the sense of "I" is stronger or weaker

    3. Notice that those areas where the sense of I is stronger are things you care more about

    4. Note the subjective quality of "caring about"-ness and what it is like

    5. Notice when that caringness is present, and what else is present when that caringness is present

    6. Introspect objectively on those subjective things you care most about, their upsides and downsides, without judging or trying to control.

    7. Take a break from introspection and then refocus on the topic of introspection and notice what changed while you were not paying attention. What else do you notice?

    8. Notice particularly when you care for something that you do not actually value, respect, or like. Say you notice you care about being angry. Notice the details of the quality of caring, and get to know it well.

    9. When the apple is ready it falls from the tree. So when you let go of less important things then it happens on its own. Wait and watch for when that happens

    10. Undoing, unlearning, unloading things you care less about for the sake of things you care more about, notice how the subjective quality improves in brightness and clarify as you let go of less important aspects. Enjoy.

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