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10 situation at which you can laugh.

    1. Losing Power Before You Save a Document You’re Working On

    You have to laugh, or else you're crying!

    2. You Have to Install a Hardware Driver From a CD, but Your Computer Has No CD-Rom or DVD Drive

    You have to laugh when the definition of innovation is taking options away from the end user.

    3. Waiting All Summer for Your Favorite Television Series to Release New Episodes Only to Realize That You Don’t Like the Show Anymore

    Maybe there was a plot twist that didn't make sense. Perhaps the general quality of the writing went downhill. Did your favorite character's actor get fired and his replacement can't fill the void left in your heart? You can only laugh at the wasted time invested in a show you no longer enjoy.

    4. Slipping in the Rain and Ruining Your Freshly Washed Pants

    If you don't laugh at yourself, someone will do it for you!

    5. Trying Out a New Recipe Only to Horribly Botch It and Creating an Inedible Mess

    Surely it was a bad recipe, at least that's what you tell yourself as you try laughing it off.

    6. You Successfully Traverse an Icy Sidewalk Without Falling

    Keeping all of your limbs uninjured is worth a hearty laugh! Just make sure you're safely indoors first!

    7. You Are Severely Sleep Deprived

    Everything is inexplicably funnier when your sense of judgement is diminished due to insomnia.

    8. When Your Alarm Clock Wakes You Up, but You Realize That You Accidentally Set the Alarm Time to PM Instead of AM

    Laugh because you should never regret a good night's sleep! Oh, did you miss an important meeting? It probably wasn't that important.

    9. You’ve Masterfully Written a Cover Letter for Your Job Application Only to Realize That You Wrote the Wrong Company’s Name in the Letter

    Hopefully you can get a laugh out of it before the company sends your application to the "round file."

    10. Getting All of the Ace Cards in a Game of Solitaire but Still End up With an Unwinnable Game

    It's funny how a game of solitaire can seemingly start so well, but end so poorly.

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