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10 Six-Figure Skills For The New Economy

These are secure skills (they're not going anywhere) that not only product six-figure incomes right now, but will continue to as we move into whatever the new economy looks like. Post pandemic, post war, etc.

    1. Paid Advertising

    Knowing how to buy media is one of the most reliable, in-demand, and profitable skills you can have. Social media sites aren't going anywhere. Google isn't going anywhere. If you know how to runs ads on those platforms (or any platform) and turn clicks into customers at a profit...six-figures is easy to get to.

    2. Programming

    This one is obvious. Knowing how to code is insanely lucrative and is one of the most in-demand, high-paying, safe skills you can have. Great companies are always looking for incredible programmers.

    3. Influencer

    What we are seeing with online shopping over the last few years is what I call "Influencer Ecommerce". Years ago you had to be some kind of a celebrity to be an influencer. That's not the case anymore. Building your audience on a platform like Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc...can easily generate six-figures per year. Plus open up all kinds of other opportunities like equity positions in companies, starting your own brands, free stuff, etc.

    4. Stock Trading

    While it's common for people to get their ass handed to them in the stock market, there are also plenty of people who make great money doing it. "Fin Twit" (financial twitter) is a great place to learn how to trade stocks, options, etc. If you practice with a paper account, study, learn the basics, and really focus on "doubles and singles" and not home can make six-figures (and more) a year. Plus the stock market isn't going anywhere.

    5. Videographer

    Video is king when it comes to media. All businesses need video in all kinds of different ways. Whether it's a salary position or creating your own videography company...this is a six-figure skill. Plus it's a skill that can help you "blow up" on social media platforms or get noticed in all kinds of other ways.

    6. Proactive Action Taker

    This is a bit of a "non tangible" one, but one that's incredible important. Today most people do the minimum. They wait for someone to tell them what to do. If you are a proactive action taker, you'd be shocked at what you can create. In sales, this will easily create a six-figure income. But what high powered CEO wouldn't want a proactive action taker on their team? This underlies all the other skills.

    7. Coaching

    Coaching can create six-figures in all kinds of different industries. You can be a marketing coach, health coach, performance coach, relationships coach, etc. While it typically requires you to build your own is absolutely possible to create a six-figure income with it.

    8. Door To Door Sales

    It might not be everyone's cup of tea, selling door to door services like solar, alarms, pest control, roofing, etc, is a proven and predictable way to bring in six-figures. Selling face to face or just selling in general will always be around so it's a safe skill to invest in.

    9. Wholesale Arbitrage or "Flipping"

    Buy run down antique furniture, fix it up, flip it. Or buy beach cruisers in bulk at wholesale prices and then sell them individually on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. This obviously takes work. But there are people "flipping" for six-figures. And there will always be opportunity to do this no matter where the economy goes. People flip houses, cars, boats, etc so it's not always about small things.

    10. Copywriting

    Writing words that sell. It's one of the best and most secure skills there are. It's how I've earned a high six-figure income for a decade and what I've used to start, scale, and sell my own business. People and businesses always need copy.

    Sometimes it helps to specialize. Email copy. Ecommerce copy. Facebook ads copy. Webinar copy. Etc. But without question the skill of copywriting is a six-figure skill.
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