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10 Smart Ways To Stay Organized At Home and Work.

    1. Throw it away if you don't need it

    You don't need to organize things that you don't have.

    2. Keep things in their functional locations

    Things that I need in the kitchen -> I keep in the kitchen. Things that I need in the bathroom -> I keep in the bathroom.

    3. Clear plastic bins are a godsend

    Clear because then you can see what's inside

    4. Annual clean-up

    Every year (pick a time - could be spring cleaning, could be the end of the year), look through your cupboards, bins, closets, drawers and more and throw out things you don't need anymore, that have expired, or you just don't want to deal with.

    5. Hire a housecleaner

    6. For things that have sentimental value (cards, books, bachelorette shirts), take a picture

    And then get rid of it

    7. Get a scanner

    Shred any paper you have (scan it first though)

    8. Look at things through the eyes of a friend

    Sometimes, a third party can be more objective in knowing what to keep and what to throw away

    9. Sell it

    If something is in good condition, even if you still use it, it might be time for an upgrade. Sell your old item.

    10. Use the 1-2 rule

    Every time I get a new piece of clothing, I throw away two old pieces of clothing - this helps me minimize the clothing I have in my closet but also makes me conscious of what I'm buying.

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