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10 Software as a Service businesses to start

    1. QR code manager

    Track codes for free: sell business cards and signs

    2. Sports Team manager

    Create contacts lists, sms alerts for games, snack schedule. market to Little League but also modify for adults or even eSports

    3. Project manager Jira replacement

    Developer first: tight integration with git.

    4. Free online university

    Monetize with ads for tutoring and degree programs. Track homework

    5. Portfolio website

    For high school athletes that want to get recruited: post videos and stats. $50/year with ad supported tier

    6. Practice scheduler

    Can be for musical instruments, exercise or education. $10/month Creator pack with teacher edition: 10 students for $25/month

    7. House dream book

    Ability to save images and products to a personal wish list

    8. Home services provider scheduler

    Allow one person to coordinate the schedule of lawn crews and pool crews and home cleaners. You can be a virtual business and have coverage an your routes. $50/month

    9. Tool Rental Air b&b for tools

    Allow you to list personal tools for rent: user buy tool and then leave it at a central location. sell insurance and take a cut of transactions

    10. Gym membership fractional membership

    Make deals with gyms to re-sell membership like a time share: buy 10 memberships from a small gym that allows 20 visits a week from your group. This allows gyms to sell excess capacity and a consumer to pay one price to belong to multiple gyms. This would make sense for boutique gyms for stretching and yoga studios

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