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10 Songs that Matt Nathanon Should Have Sang Last Night

I saw Matt Nathanson perform last night. He sings the song " come on get higher". Well his manager suggested he sing all of the songs from his album 15 years ago. We all make mistakes.. I think that was a mistake. My friend really likes Matt Nathanson. I wasn't going to go and listen to his songs on Spotify when the concert was over but then he sang his last two songs and I was like hmm.. maybe. He was also a different sort of performer. He is really cheerful.

I am sending this to his social media. Scrap the 15 year anniversary idea dude. Come back to Royal Oak and let's do a re do.

Matt, I don't want to hear about your past. You jammed hard but you came alive when talking about your family. Sing us those songs. The other songs actually kind of made me sad and a little angry.


    1. Pigeons

    I think my favorite song. Any song with the word chaos in it.. I love.

    2. Boston Accent

    I really don't like Boston Accents. But I like that you are saying you are trying to hide your boston accent in this song. Maybe you don't like it either. Maybe I'll come around to it now. I am a complicated individual.

    3. German Cars

    Sing it again. It was good.

    4. Pictures

    Good song but I didn't like it with the rest of the set. not sure why?

    5. Beginners

    Good song.

    6. Type/Erase

    Any song that has to deal with anxiety... I am all in.

    7. Future's Here

    I have only listened right now to the first few lines. Yup. Better than the album 15 years ago. You have evolved man.

    8. Sway

    People talking to much but not really saying anything. Yup. winner.

    9. Blush

    Yup this was good.

    10. Soundtrack

    I only knew "Come on get higher". I didn't really get into anything else until I heard this. End on this. This is the bees knees.

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