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10 space concepts I want to learn more about

This week's hubbub around the incredible James Webb telescope has me thinking about how fascinating space really is. Here are some concepts I'd like to learn more about.

    1. Astrophotography

    The photos rendered by the James Webb telescope are incredibly beautiful. I know that they're rendered using an infrared lens, and that they're colored by people to be perceptible to our eyes, so I'd like to learn more about this and the colors of space too.

    2. The Fermi Paradox

    The Fermi Paradox is so interesting because it simply asks: if space is so vast, where are the extraterrestrials? I'd love to better understand this question so that I can learn more about what scientists have hypothesized.

    3. ...and the "Great Filter" hypothesis

    Here's one hypothesis that I find particularly interesting. It's the idea that lifeforms must take critical steps to reach interplanetary travel, and at least one of these steps is highly improbable.

    4. Rocketry

    Rocketry is the initial technology that made space travel and exploration possible. I'd like to learn more about how it works, especially since I've been hearing that it's a field that's ripe for innovation. For example, when rockets launch, part of the rocket falls back down and usually lands in the ocean. People say that this is one area where more precise technologies could help reduce waste and enable more targeted launches.

    5. The other planets in our solar system

    The Gas Giants, in particular, fascinate me.

    6. Why time isn't a constant at high speeds

    I've had this explained to me a few times, and I still can't seem to understand how this works. With all my reference points being here on Earth, I can't fathom how time can speed up or slow down; it seems objective and out of our control.

    7. The expansion of the universe

    Admittedly, knowing more about the expansion of the universe is an ask shared by many top scientists who know a lot more than I do. I think I'd be satisfied with a rudimentary understanding of how this works and why it happens.

    8. Space Junk

    From what I understand, there's a lot of junk orbiting around the Earth that humans have left in space. I wonder how we can clean this up.

    9. Stars and their life cycles

    I remember learning about red giants and white dwarves in school, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

    10. Connecting the constellations to the stars that compose them

    This would be so cool. I love constellations and the stories behind them. The idea that our ancestors could look at the sky and see the same images we see today is amazing, since so much else has changed. Now that our knowledge of astronomy has grown considerably, it would be cool to bridge the gap between the stories of the past and the science as we know it today.

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