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10 Special Use real estate properties

This is a way to "niche down" in real estate. They come with their own unique challenges but specialization can help you focus.

10 Special Use real estate properties

    1. Air B&B or similar short term rentals

    2. Sober dorms/supervised sober living for colleges

    3. Storage units: specialized for boats, air conditioned, garage tools, etc.

    4. Communal tool rental.

    Store your lawnmower/leaf blower/chainsaw here and rent it out to someone else when you are not using it.

    5. Communal car garage

    Store your car here and rent it out.(Turo) when you are not using it.

    6. Auto salvage yard

    You can start one of these on 10 acres close to a major city. You could operate it as a business and then when the city expands and the value of your land is going up, you can sell it.

    7. Land used to lease to cell phone towers or billboards

    8. Own land and lease the mineral rights to oil companies (in the US)

    9. Assisted living/memory care facility

    There are some in my area that are custom built for this purpose. A memory care facility has specific layout requirements that are unique to that type of business.

    10. Airport off site parking lot

    A nice business 

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