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10 "Spoke & Wheel" Ideas For Turning Your Idea Lists Into Passive Income-Generating Assets This Month

So you went on a 100 day streak on NotePD...

And you now have tons of idea lists under your belt. But you don't know what to do with them. Other than watching your rankings in the Leaderboard...

... stay the same!

Because everyone else is keeping their streaks up, so... it makes no difference whatsoever.

Oh well. At least your Leaderboard position isn't falling...

Anyway, in @JamesAltucher recent book, Skip The Line, he talks about the "Spoke & Wheel" concept. It's about taking the time to think of ways you can take one asset and multiply it into many more. So here's 10 "Spoke & Wheel" ideas for turning your idea lists into assets that... make you some extra passive income every month!

( *No, I will not tell you to turn your idea list into a book! That's been overdone... :P )

( **I'll create an idea list on this topic for health, love, and happiness later... )

    1. Turn your idea lists into YouTube videos

    I was just watching a video on YouTube about how this channel was making $10k to $20k a month in passive income. Just by converting his articles to videos, posting them on his channel, and collecting passive income from advertising.

    There's lots of ways you can go about this:

    You can just directly use an online text to video service. And convert your idea lists to video.

    Or you can do a screen capture video, and record yourself talking and explaining each idea line by line.

    Or you can just use your smartphone, and take a video of yourself reading out each idea in the list, with some elaboration in the middle.

    2. Repost related idea lists on your blog

    If you have a blog, and you're already making passive income from your blog, adding more content in the form of your idea lists will just increase your monthly level of income.

    If you don't have a blog yet, you can always create one... or more... in relevant niches related to the types of idea lists you always create. And start generating income from your posts. Whether it be from advertising, or selling your own products, or promoting other people's products as an affiliate.

    3. Syndicate the idea list you posted on your blog to other popular sites

    An easy way to get more people to your blog or site (and generate more passive income) after posting your idea list to your blog is...

    ... to take the exact same idea list you posted on your blog and...

    ... syndicate that exact idea list to other popular sites or blogs that take submissions.

    Of course at the bottom of every syndicated idea list, you should have a line of text saying that the original article came from your blog and have a link to the original article.

    That way you'll be able to generate traffic from a huge number of sites to your own site. And more traffic means more passive income.

    4. Post your idea lists on "pay to post" sites

    Nowadays, there are a lot of "pay to post" sites. Especially "pay to post" sites that pay you in crypto, like Publish0x and SteemIt.

    But there are also plenty of sites that you can sign up for free, and post your idea lists, that pay you in USD... based on the number of people who view your posts and interact with advertising... like Hubpages for example.

    Combine this with Idea #3 for even more leverage.

    5. Turn your idea lists into short reports and sell the Private Label Rights to those reports

    The Private Label Rights industry is a huge one. Especially when it comes to content... with businesses selling off the rights to use their content to interested buyers.

    You could easily set up a simple little side business generating passive income by selling your idea lists as short reports that come with private label rights.

    6. Turn each idea into an attractive image and pin it on Pinterest

    This is something that quite a few businesses are doing on Pinterest to help generate more traffic and sales to their websites and products.

    Make sure each image you pin links back to your main website where you generate revenue.

    7. Put your shorter idea lists on T-shirts and mugs and put them up for sale

    There are lots of shirts and mugs on Amazon, Etsy, etc. that sell really well with funny idea lists on them. You could easily take one of your idea lists (especially the shorter, funnier ones), and put them on merchandise for sale.

    There are a lot of Print on Demand sites that do all the selling for you. You just have to publish, and wait for the royalties to roll in.

    8. Create an iPhone app where you load all your idea lists

    If you have experience creating phone apps (or you know someone who could do it for you), you could group together similar idea lists into an app, and put that on the App Store.

    For example, if you have a lot of idea lists about living a healthier life. You'd take all those ideas and put them into an app that gives "One Health Idea A Day".

    "One A Day" apps are really hot right now. My wife just downloaded a "one new word a day" app recently to expand her vocabulary.

    These apps can earn a lot of passive income through advertising.

    9. Republish your idea lists to magazines and newsletters

    Magazines and newsletters are always looking for content to publish. Especially content that contains great ideas!

    If you have some great idea lists that could be polished up and turned into a short (or long) magazine article... you could approach publishers in your niche to publish your idea list.

    The way you generate income from these publications is simply by...

    ... having a bio at the end of the idea article that links back to your website, where readers can visit and find what you have to offer. You can generate income by getting more sales of your product or service, or if you're lazy... just through advertising revenue.

    I know someone with a small business of under 30 employees who generates revenues of around half a billion dollars a year with this business model.

    10. Load up your idea lists into an email autoresponder series

    This is really easy to do.

    If you have an email newsletter, just load up each relevant idea list into your email autoresponder series. So your readers get one idea list sent to them via email automatically each day.

    I'm actually subscribed to someone with an email newsletter that does this.

    Everyday, he just sends out an email with a list of creative ideas. He generates revenue from these emails by having a small advert, under each list of ideas, that promotes his product. Or if you don't have your own product, you could promote a sponsor's product.
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