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10 strategies for finding creative solutions

    1. Redefine the problem

    Instead of the problem of "lowering student's tuition", you can redefine the problem as "how do we deliver the same services at a lower cost?"

    2. Imagine how you might solve the problem if you had no resources

    3. Imagine how you might solve the problem if you had unlimited resources

    And then figure out how you might do the same things feasibly

    4. Find a hero you like and imagine how they would solve the problem

    5. Meditate on the problem

    Write all ideas down no matter how ridiculous

    6. Lower your expectation

    Sometimes, we want ideas to meet a certain 'standard' or 'threshold' - lower or remove the expectation completely.

    7. Think long-term

    How would you solve this problem if you had to stick around for 100 years? 1000 years?

    8. Look to other industries / sectors

    Imagine you're a hotel manager and you're trying to deliver services at a lower cost. Look to budget airlines. Look to inexpensive car rental services.

    9. Examine how you are framing the problem and your beliefs

    Do you think you are capable of delivering a solution? Sometimes our beliefs block what solutions can come.

    10. Act like a kid

    How would kids solve this problem? They often don't have any assumptions or beliefs. For example, imagine the problem of an old lady swallowing a fly. How would you get the fly out? Throw in a frog.

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