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10 strategies to write when you don’t feel like it

    1. The Pomodoro Technique

    Divide your writing into 25 minute chunks. Write for 25 minutes straight. No breaks. Then take a break. Repeat four times. During the breaks, don’t think about writing or you will get “writer’s block” again.

    2. The 10,000 Hour Rule

    Write for ten hours straight. No breaks. at all. Just write and write and write and write until ten hours have passed. Then take a break for at least eight hours (sleep is best). Do this every day until you finish your project or you die trying (and maybe even then).

    3. The One Sentence Story Writing Challenge!

    Take any story you like and summarize it in one sentence. For instance, “The Three Little Pigs” would be summarized as “A wolf tries to eat three pigs but ends up getting burned instead when the pigs build their houses out of bricks and fireproof materials after the first two pigs teach them how to do it." Now try to write a story based on that one sentence summary of another story!

    4. Write badly first

    Don't edit anything you write during the first five minutes of your writing session (or even during the first ten minutes). Just keep going even if it's bad, bad, bad! After ten minutes (or fifteen), then stop writing and start editing but only edit what was written within the past fifteen minutes (or twenty-five minutes depending on how much time has passed since you started). Stop editing when another twenty-five minutes have passed since starting to edit (or forty-five if more time has passed since starting). And so on...

    5. Write a novel using only dialogue

    Try doing this with several different novels that you like by other authors (e.g., "Pride and Prejudice" or "Crime and Punishment"). Or try it with movies or TV shows that are primarily dialogue driven (like "Seinfeld" or "My Dinner with Andre").

    6. Write a novel using only description of images from Google Images search results for your chosen novel topic area

    For instance, if I wanted to write about World War II I would go to Google Images search for "World War II" and just describe each image I see in my novel describing those images as if they were part of my novel ("and then this happened...") Note: this technique might not work but it's worth a shot!

    7. Write an article rewriting an article from Wikipedia's history section about something related to your niche idea

    For instance, if I am interested in Bitcoin I could rewrite Wikipedia's history section about Bitcoin mining technology since that is where most debates occur today regarding scaling issues with Bitcoin technology
    Or if I am interested in CryptoKitties I could rewrite Wikipedia's history section on CryptoKitties because they had so many scaling issues back in December 2017 when they launched their first version of their product

    8. Write an email to someone famous asking for advice on your project before finishing your project idea so they can give feedback before finalizing the idea

    then turn that email into an article summarizing their response plus whatever else you learned from turning that email into an article
    This is similar to James Altucher's technique described below but slightly different in execution
    Note : this technique might not work but it's worth a shot

    9. Use Andrew Hupert's technique described here : https://www

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