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10 stretches to do in the morning for warming up, mobility and flexibility

    1. Child's pose

    Bonus if you can also stretch from side to side in child's pose (left and right)

    2. Cat and cow with arm stretches

    After doing cat and cow, you can stay in table top position and reach with your right arm up and then reach with your left arm up

    3. Superman

    Lay on the ground and stretch your arms and legs out and up

    4. Cobra

    Lying on the ground, use your arms to prop your upper body up (looking like a seal)

    5. Happy baby

    Lying on your back, reach for the soles of your feet

    6. Hip flexors

    Kneeling on one leg with your other leg behind you, lean forward until you feel a stretch in your hip. Repeat with the other leg.

    7. Deep squat

    As much as possible, squat down with your feet completely touching the ground. If you can't get there, squat down as much as possible and hold for 30 seconds (or hold on to a door or a table and squat down)

    8. Shoulder rolls

    Roll your shoulders forward and backwards

    9. Leg swings

    Holding on to a table or something else for support, swing your left leg and then your right leg back and forth

    10. Neck circles

    Slowly, look at your armpit, then your chest, and then your other armpit. Reverse.

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