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10 Substack articles to write about how ChatGPT gives, developers superpowers

If you have been developing for 10 years or more, this is a window through which you still have an advantage over everyone else because you are a coding problem solver. When the models get a little better, they will open up opportunities for others.

With as much hype as there is about AI, I believe many developers are underutilizing this technology.

    1. Why use LLMs and automation: stay competitive and don't lose your job until you want to.

    Just like the internet initially removed some jobs, it created millions of jobs that did not exist before: TikTok influencer, etc. At first, there will be a lot of layoffs. In the next 5 years, there will be careers that are difficult to imagine today.

    2. Tools Overview

    Speech recognition, Stream Deck, CoPilot, Chat GPT, Grammarly

    3. First steps: automate the little things you do every day. Save 20 seconds of work 200 times a day.

    Stream Deck. Scripts. Teams. Grammarly. Writing emails. "Like" posts with macros.

    4. Daily workflow: use time to think. Offload your brain power

    Ask the LLM to do things for you. It may take 1 minute or so to generate a method. Get used to pausing in your IDE and hit TAB.

    Take suggestions from Grammarly by default.

    5. It is a tireless partner for improvisation/pair coding

    "refactor this" "what index do I need for this query". "What is some CSS that will do xyz?"

    6. Creating prompts using your data & variables

    Use a text editor to build your prompts. "I want to sort this array and get this result."

    7. Tips for SQL

    Give it your table definitions. Combine with Explain

    8. Terminal commands, GIT.

    9. Ask it questions to figure out what is possible

    You will be amazed. "Make an svg" "What is an excel macro that will XYZ" "write a one-line shell script that will give me a list of all files, larger than 5 MB ordered by size descending"

    10. Leave your comfort zone

    It knows ALL the commands: it reads the manual. Ask it to write Javascript, Lua, Rust, bash, or any language you are unfamiliar with. You can read and understand code after it is written but you don't need to learn the syntax.

    11. Use it to learn

    ChatGPT writes very efficient and compact code. It also explains what it does.

    12. structuring applications and workflow when working with ChatGPT

    10 I learned from writing an app using chatGPT over the weekend

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