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10 Superpowers I Wish I Had Right Now!

    1. Instant Teleportation

    So I wouldn't need a plane, a train, a car, or even legs. And I could eat green eggs and ham anywhere I wanted. And I could go to any country I wanted instantly... without passing through customs or security or... taking my laptop out of my bag! Oh, and it would make cross-country arbitrage a lot easier too.

    2. Time Compression

    So I could create a space where... 1000 years inside would be equal to 1 day on the outside. And I could do 1000 years of swordsplay practice in just 1 day and achieve the level of "Sword Saint", and... I wouldn't age more than a day when I come out.

    3. Time Stop

    So I could stop time all around me anytime. Because I think it would be useful.

    4. Insect Control

    Because controlling an army of millions of insects is way more powerful (and flexible) than controlling a pack of wild lions. This includes both land, sea, air, and space insects. And I would have the option of levelling up the most faithful of my insect followers.

    5. Resurrection

    Bring dead allies back to life. With the option to reverse their physical status to years before their death.

    6. Mechanical Genius

    The ability to build an army of machines and supercomputers that are completely loyal to me but have the ability to think for themselves to a certain extent.

    7. Status Window

    The ability to have a status window pop-up in front of me anytime, so I can see my stats like strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, wisdom, HP, etc. And also, I can level up my stats and gain new abilities through specific actions and events... and the status window would let me know when it happens.

    8. Photosynthesis

    The ability to survive and thrive with only sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide in the air. No food required.

    9. Transformation

    The ability to instantly change my physical appearance, including shape and size, along with the sound of my vocal cords. It should be possible to assume the size of an insect, but the physical strength of the body should be maintained... meaning I can't be crushed even if I'm tiny.

    10. Idea Machine DX

    The ability to instantly generate one million ideas for any problem, and automatically lock in on the best solution. This ability should also auto-highlight the flaws of each idea so I instantly know the drawbacks of each approach.

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