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10 tactics to accomplish big things

    1. Set big goals

    Google asks its employees to set ambitious goals - for example, take your goals and 10x them. Accomplishing a 10x goal gets rewarded handsomely. Accomplishing a 2x goal means you didn't reach your 10x goal but it's still twice as far as you went if you only set a 1x goal.

    2. Start small

    Figure out what small thing you can do every day to get going on that big goal. Writing a book means writing one page at a time. Creating an online course means shooting a video / writing a script every day.

    3. Tackle the items that give you the most return

    What's the one thing you can do that will help you domino into other achievements? The one domino for writing a book? The research and outline.

    4. Determine when you might quit ahead of time

    Outline the conditions for when you might quit the big goal. When things get tough, look to your conditions that you set when you had a sound mind. Do they match? If not, it's not time to quit yet.

    5. Take breaks

    It's a marathon, not a sprint.

    6. Manage your energy

    Although a lot of people like to manage their time, it's managing your energy that is important. Do the hard things in the morning when your energy is highest.

    7. Enlist support

    You might be able to accomplish it by yourself but why not get support?

    8. Make time for working on your goal

    Schedule it in.

    9. Take action

    Ready. Fire. Aim. You may not know where you are going but taking action now will help you to see where to go.

    10. Celebrate

    Set milestones and celebrate. Give yourself the encouragement and motivation to keep going.

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