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10 takeaways after three Spanish lessons

I started to take paid lessons to confirm that I was serious about it. I'm using Preply.

10 takeaways after three Spanish lessons

    1. Preply has really good features

    I thought it was just a platform to connect teachers with students, but no! The teacher can write down the words you're learning during the lesson and they get added to a list of flashcards you can study at anytime. I haven't tried it yet but I'm impressed.

    2. I found a great teacher right off the bat

    3. She's friendly, enthusiastic, and makes me feel comfortable

    4. I feel challenged in just the right way

    Getting out of my comfort zone and struggling, but enjoying all of it.

    5. Time flies by very fast

    More so than with any other activity I can think of, really.

    6. I know quite a few words passively

    7. but I almost never know how to form a sentence

    8. I lack a lot of basics

    While I my passive vocabulary is probably decent for a beginner (I used some apps in the past few years, I spent a couple of months in Mexico, and my native language is French), I definitely don't have the basics I should have.

    9. The lessons give me motivation

    10. Good mixture of speaking, listening, and exercises

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