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10 takeaways from incorporating a company in Bulgaria

Why on Earth would I open a company in Bulgaria? The very short answer: taxes (I'm a EU citizen from Belgium).


    1. Part of me was afraid of getting scammed

    I had to fly to Sofia for this, and the next morning before my appointment I was thinking "I hope this law firm actually exists." Belgian taxes will make you go to great lengths.

    2. I'm too chill

    I filled in the initial forms (months ago) with my passport information, but I didn't bring my passport to Bulgaria (only my national ID).

    "Do you have your passport?"

    "I have my ID."

    "I need your passport."

    "Oh, I don't think..."

    "Is it far?"

    "It's very far."

    "But it's in Sofia?"


    Thankfully, my ID card was enough. I normally would have brought my passport, but I'm in the middle of a Russian tourist visa application (to visit my girlfriend's family).

    3. My lawyer is cool

    I had never dealt with a lawyer before. It turns out he's just four years older than me and we could easily be buddies. Who knew.

    4. The experience at the notary was super quick

    The legal advisor brought me there, I had to state something like "yeah I'm aware of the contents of these documents", sign them, and then I left. The notary was on one knee (it was a coffee table).

    5. There was a weird-ass insect at the law firm

    Maybe I should have told my lawyer. It distracted me for a second. It was huge. Clean office otherwise.

    6. It was fun to hear my lawyer and the bank clerk speak Bulgarian

    It made me reflect on what a strange situation this was. At some point, my lawyer showed the bank clerk a funny meme about Lionel Messi and Bulgaria's former Prime Minister. He showed it to me and explained it. It was funny.

    7. I'm aware this all sounds quite shady by the way

    8. The meeting with the accountant was confusing and a tad overwhelming, but he was friendly

    Numbers. Taxes. VAT. Invoices. I'll be happy to get a thorough recap by e-mail.

    9. It's weird to see all those documents written in Bulgarian

    I got a text and an email from my Bulgarian bank, all in Bulgarian. This shows how useful it is to get help for this.

    10. I still don't know what a legal advisor is, but she was super nice

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