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10 takeaways from reading Limitless by Jim Kwik

    1. The story we tell ourselves is important

    Jim likes to call himself a superhero and it changed how he thought about things. Do superheroes quit at the first struggle? Can superheroes sit on the couch all day and then still be ready to save people from the falling bridge?

    2. Intelligence is not fixed

    Our IQs are only a point-in-time measurement of our intelligence at that point in time and based on academic questions.

    3. There are many definitions of 'intelligence'

    I can think of several individuals in my circle, all who I would consider as geniuses in very different ways. One's great at getting others excited about ideas. Another one is great at networking. Another is fantastic at going through data and making connections.

    4. Distractions are killer

    In Jim's book but in other books, distractions seem to be a big obstacle. Eliminate distractions and you're halfway up the mountain.

    5. Focus is a superpower

    Look at all the most successful people and you'll see that focus is a superpower common to all of them. They didn't focus on too many things - they built one success at a time.

    6. Technology is great but can also be a hindrance

    Use technology as if you are in control of it, not as if it is in control of you.

    7. What's your limiting belief?

    Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Do you believe you can learn new skills? Accomplish big tasks? Or do you think whatever you've done, you'll just continue doing? Listen to the voice inside you saying "you can't do this" and go deep into your past to understand why you are saying that.

    8. Productive days start with productive mornings

    A good morning routine is critical to being productive.

    9. Sleep and rest are the foundation

    If you don't get enough sleep and rest, there's no way you can be maximally productive.

    10. Be an active learner

    The more active you are in learning (taking notes, questioning hypotheses), the more you'll remember later.

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