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10 takeaway's from T. Harv Ecker's "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

I came to this book from watching one of Dan Martell's videos where he mentioned it. I found out about Dan Martell, a fellow Canadian, through @JamesAltucher's podcast.

    1. Being wealthy starts from within

    Ecker talks about everything in your life starting from within. I once heard Eminem say on Mike Tyson's podcast that the money "doesn't mean anything unless you're right inside."

    2. Wealthy people don't have the victim mentality

    Classic "I happen to life" and not "Life happens to me".

    3. He takes the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional a step further

    These are the core elements @JamesAltucher's Daily Practice, but Ecker says the physical is a "printout" of what's going on inside of you.

    4. Your thoughts determine your life

    To me this means, whatever you think is the reality. If you think you can't handle it, well, you probably can't. It also conjures up this Seneca quote, "Those who indulge empty fears, earn real fears."

    5. It's about helping as many people as you can

    When I think about the wealthy people, you know what they have in common? A lot of people benefit from their products and services. A LOT. Think about Jeff Bezos. How many people use Amazon's services? How many people do they employ? Think about the Google guys. Everyone who used the internet had the same problem before it came along: how do you find stuff? Everyone in the world has a better web browsing experience because of it.

    6. Most people hate rich people, which is counter-productive

    Ecker says, "How can you be something you hate"?

    7. Wealthy people have the midas-touch and always make it back when they lose it, for a reason

    How many times have you heard of people with lots of money lose it and then get it back? How many times have you heard of lottery winners get it and lose it? It's a pattern.

    8. If you don't value it, you lose it

    I remember reading in Kevin O'Leary's Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them, that "money knows when it's disrespected".

    9. Rich people are bigger than their problems

    Ecker explains that the wealthy jump in and course-correct later, even if they experience setbacks. Everyone else thinks up reasons not to do something.

    10. Wealth will only magnify whatever you are before you get the money

    So if you're angry, it will increase your anger. Same for if you're insecure - you'll be afraid that you'll lose it. Same with power.

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