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10 takeaways from this week's weekly self-evaluation

    1. I need to stop drinking beer after work

    It just went on from Tuesday to Friday. The only reason it stopped was because I had food poisoning symptoms late Friday night. I don't know why I started this habit. I want to go back to staring at the wall. It feels so weird writing that but it feels good in an odd way. Why do we--I'm not the only one, right?--stop doing things that are good for us?

    2. Moving from 2 eggs to 3 eggs in the morning definitely made a difference on the weight gain

    Keep eating. Also, say thanks to chickens.

    3. Stop looking at my financial portfolio daily

    To borrow Ramit Sethi's words, It's making me ask $3 questions rather than $30,000 questions. There's a time and place for things but really my magic glance won't make the money grow anyway. Stop counting beans and think about increasing my income.

    4. The thing I want to change the most about my current job is commute

    5. Acquiring ISBN is much more affordable and accessible than I thought

    6. Clean up my website: when in doubt, just archive it. Do it like Jack Welch

    7. Misc. thought: Toys look small but maybe not to the kids who are half my size. Would adults who collect toys appreciate “adult-sized” toys?

    8. Why do I feel groggy 2 hours after waking regardless of the length of sleep or the sleep time? Should I just go back to biphasic schedule?

    9. The odd benefits of food poisoning

    All but once with food poisoning I get some useful insights. This time was no exception.

    Also there are sometimes brief and mild euphoria in the middle of it. It’s strange. I can’t explain it.

    10. Stay IN the kitchen when cooking even if it takes a while.

    I burned a pot while cooking sweet potatoes (broiling…?). Now if I can scrub the evil residue off I‘ll have some story to tell when gf comes back home this week. If I can’t, I‘ll have to explain why a new stainless steel pot makes great a homecoming gift.

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