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10 techniques to overcome distracting thoughts

Dealing with a lot of these too, and I can't say I'm a master. But these are ones that work at some points of distractions.

    1. Write them down

    Have a list of "to worry later" or "to do later". The feeling of just taking it out of my worrying head is better than keeping it there.

    2. Distract self with better thoughts

    Something more fun, something with a positive impact on myself. Sometimes I fell into a trap of a quick dopamine fix, though.

    3. Do something physically demanding

    So the body and mind focus on something else for a while. Especially good when it's a craving that I need to control.

    4. Meditate / breathe

    Indulge in the thoughts for a while and then let it go, or try to just sit there and observe it.

    5. Put on some white noise in the background

    Whatever works. Music, silly shows, work at a cafe.

    6. Journal

    As a regular practice, to process the distracting thoughts in general.

    7. Doodling

    Almost the same with journaling, except with pictures.

    8. Put on a happy song and take a walk

    Like the white noise and the physical activity combined

    9. Take the time to do the distracting thoughts

    Especially if this is something that can be done in 5 minutes. I mean, what's the point of being distracted by "I need to take out the trash" when you can just take the trash out and be done with it.

    10. Get into the bottom of it.

    Why does the distracting thoughts exist? Is the work I'm doing not interesting enough? Not challenging enough? Am I procrastinating? Sometimes distracting thoughts are just the symptoms.

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