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10 Terrible Ideas to Act On

A list to make your future self, not proud.

If you like inversion, just AVOID all of these to improve.

    1. Eat Whatever You Want

    Whenever. In Any quantity.

    2. Drink and Do Drugs

    Do a lot of them. Try some new things.

    3. Be Mean to Others and Be Selfish

    Especially those close to you. Great way to isolate from anyone who might care about you.

    4. Lie

    People hate those who never tell the truth.

    5. Don't Save or Invest

    Who cares about the future. Take on a lot of debt that doesn't have any assets backing it.

    6. Watch TV all day

    Especially trash reality shows. About people with no talent who don't produce anything of merit for the world. Idolize them.

    7. Spend a lot of time on social media

    Not to grow a business. Just browsing. Looking at things that won't help you feel good about yourself.

    8. Don't Exercise

    It's a waste of time. Live only for today.

    9. Don't worry about personal hygene

    Don't brush your teeth. Floss. Don't shower often. Don't cut your hair. Especially your body hair.

    10. Avoid books or courses

    You already learned everything in school. If you went....

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