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10 Terrible Reasons To Get Married

    1. Your kingdom is about to get invaded and marrying the enemy's princess will stop the war. But you don't like her.

    2. You slipped on a banana peel, and the person who dropped the peel offers to marry you to take responsibility for their mistake.

    3. You got pissed off by people mocking you because you're not married yet.

    4. You want to take part in a game show for married couples only, and you're pretty sure you could win, but you're single.

    5. You're being held hostage on the train for $10 million. But the lady holding you hostage offers to let you go for free if you marry her.

    6. You want to gain access to a secret village of ninjas and learn their jutsus. But they only allow access to people who are related to someone in the village.

    7. You want to get your car fixed for free. Forever. So you look for someone to marry who's a car mechanic.

    8. You're a serial record-breaker. And you're trying to break the Guinness World Record for most wives ever.

    9. You are a professional con artist. And marrying someone in the police force will make you the least likely suspect every time.

    10. You want to take over a rival drug lord's territory. And the easiest way to do that without spilling any extra blood would be a political marriage.

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