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10+ the magnification of small differences when is it a useful tool when is it a distraction

Magnification serves a purpose in observation, in examination, in experimentation, in review, in reflection and the feedbackĀ 

    1. Don't use this when comparing yourself to other people's status or social media lives

    2. Do use it if you want to examine the attributes of successful people

    3. In certain areas of life you've got to be 10x better so you need to use binoculars not a microscope

    4. In certain areas of a key decision you need to magnify the small areas because as time compounds that small deviation could have a big negative impact

    5. We can get to much into the weeds focused on the minutiae of details only to miss the humongous issue that's standing right next to us

    6. You can't blindly sign some thing without reading through the detail , instead delegate this task and use a trusted source

    7. When working with others get to understand their styles of examination what are there weaknesses how does it fit with the team

    8. When in negotiations with others look at the issues up for examination where do you think the pinch points are . Be prepared by steel manning each position that small detail could be critical

    9. It's not just each piece of information look at potential nuances of perception that may be applied to it.

    10. By developing an attribute of self awareness this can make you are of these small differences between you and team mates. By noticing them and making others aware will give you kudos as some one who notices

    11. The great thing about noticing small differences you can easily pivot and be flexible to accomodate them

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