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10 things about bigotry I would discuss with Kanye.

    1. Listen

    For me to have a discussion, it would help to understand their point of view as much as possible.

    2. I would want his thoughts on anti-racists.

    I see anti-racists and non-racists as folks with a very different point of view. I would like to know how Kanye views this.

    3. Kanye, how did you get to where you are today on this topic?

    Can you use story or examples to illustrat?

    4. Kanye, others have described you as being a bigot. Do you accept that?

    5. Is racism and bigotry acceptable?

    6. Is it simply an innate impulse of all humans to form tribes of those like them and reject others?

    7. Kanye, if you view bigotry as a problem, what are your solutions?

    8. If it's not a problem, how can we educate and explain that this is human nature and not automatically something to rebel against?

    9. Is everybody capable of bigotry, Kanye?

    10. Even if your point of view is correct; when you express it, people are hurt. How can that be reconciled?

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