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10 things about precognition and my psychic mom

I thought about this after @DrFritzS made this fun list. I'm also currently listening to @JamesAltucher's conversation with Jesse Michels.

My mom is a psychic. She does the whole tarot cards thing. While I used to be overly rational - some would say "cartesian" - I always made an exception for this. Because, well, she's my mom and I love her. But also, I remember being quite impressed with some of what she told me about her consultations.


    1. This could be real

    I still don't know for sure, but there must be something going on here. Maybe she's just great at reading someone, and she can guess from someone's behavior, facial expressions, etc. the kind of life they have, kind of like a mentalist trained to be an expert at human behavior. But she wasn't trained for that, so it would still be super impressive. And she's told me that she sees things.

    2. I know from a psychic family friend that psychics are used by the police

    Holy shit, right? Who knows if it works, and of course this is super unofficial because imagine if this was public record, but if I am to believe this family friend, it's a thing. I can't remember if she has been hired by the police or if she knows someone who has (I say "hired" but I don't know if the police pay them).

    This is in Belgium, and I don't know if they're still doing it. I remember she said something about kidnappings; I don't know if they've been used for other types of cases as well.

    3. My mom has some pretty impressive stories from her tarot readings

    I don't remember many details, but I remember being quite impressed by some of the consultations she's had. Thinking "Okay, that's crazy."

    4. She impresses herself

    She blows her own mind. She's like "how the hell could I know this?"

    She doesn't understand how it works.

    5. Another conscious being nearby

    One time, my mom was doing a tarot reading to a woman, and that woman's friend was waiting for her in the other room. My mom got everything (or most of it) wrong, but the woman told her that it sounded like she was talking about her friend, the one waiting for her in the other room.

    6. She does it by phone

    (I'm not promoting her services; she doesn't speak English.)

    While she was surprised that it worked just as well when she had a few consultations over the phone, she did recently say that it wasn't quite the same.

    7. I sent her my two best friends

    They were both quite impressed, although not completely mind-blown.

    8. Does she only tell me about the few exceptional cases?

    I know for sure that my mom is not dishonest. But, I suppose it could be that most of her consultations are quite banal: She probably gets mostly the same type of clients (women who wonder about their romantic lives and their careers), and the issues are likely often similar. Her visions and her advice might be general enough that it applies to most of them, and even when she's kind of wrong, most of them might go with it because they want to believe it. Then, once in a while, she nails it to an impressive level, out of luck.

    Most people who love science, logic and rationality will probably come up with an explanation such as this one. That being said, I think her ratio of impressive:banal contains too many impressive details for this to be easily categorized as coincidences. Which still doesn't mean that she actually has "psychic powers", but I just think it's worth digging into it deeper.

    9. She got an appointment with a famous neurologist

    My mom and dad were watching a French documentary about the mind. It was about psychedelics, psychics, and other weird things. This famous neurologist appeared in it. My dad decided to email him with the hypothesis that my mom may have developed Parkinson's disease because of her psychic stuff. AND THE GUY REPLIED AND INVITED HER FOR AN APPOINTMENT. WTF, RIGHT????

    10. Precognition is one among many things that challenge our preconceived notions about reality, the brain, and consciousness

    Reincarnation is another. After I watched this panel hosted by John Cleese, I started thinking "wait, what, could reincarnation be real?". I then listened to Jim Tucker's conversation with Scott Barry Kaufman on The Psychology Podcast, and I kept being blown away.

    This is not to say that precognition or reincarnation are real. But, the universe is so goddamn weird. So why not?

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