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10 things about my company offering funny content to businesses

I recently officially launched Mudita Comedy. For now it's mostly just me, but the plan is to hire fellow funny folks as the business grows.

10 things about my company offering funny content to businesses

    1. This comes after two years of freelancing on Upwork and 7+ years of professional comedy writing

    2. The target customers are businesses or content creators that want to add humor to their content

    Copywriting, social media, video scripts, ads, etc.

    3. It's also a way to offer free tips on how to easily make funnier content

    When someone signs up for the newsletter, they'll get emails with simple tips on how to add humor to their content, the essentials of joke writing, etc.

    Right now I scheduled a handful of emails through Squarespace's email marketing tool, but I'm pretty sure I'm soon going to make it part of my upcoming Beehiiv newsletter.

    4. I'm actively looking for clients

    If you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know!

    5. I'm currently drafting a bunch of SEO-optimized long-form blog posts

    6. I'd like to pitch articles on funny copywriting to different publications

    As a way to promote my business and get backlinks.

    Any ideas?

    7. I'm especially interested in offering funny video scripts

    This is something that I've been doing more of, with one company regularly requesting my scriptwriting services. Two others may or may not turn into regular clients.

    8. Also social media content

    I used to write social media content for Incfile (they had their own graphic designer) and it was fun. This is also what I've been doing for over a year with one of my clients.

    9. Writing website copy is fun

    I'd rather focus on long-term projects, but I really enjoy punching up website copy to make it more fun.

    10. Fun brands VS Boring brands

    My services are useful for both fun brands and boring brands.

    If your brand is inherently fun, or at least targeted towards an audience that would appreciate some humor (male underwear, for example), I can enhance that fun aspect, even help you shape your brand, and create as much funny content as you'd like.

    If your business is the boring kind, adding a touch of humor can be incredibly beneficial to grab people's attention and even make them better understand your products or services. Humor boosts retention, and 91% of consumers prefer funny brands.

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