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10 Things A.I. Can't Do For You

10 Things A.I. Can't Do For You

    1. Can't THINK for You

    While it can help you execute your plan, and can help with the logistics, it's not gonna come up with that and pull it off all for you.

    2. Can't relay a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

    It's good at relaying stories, but doesn't actually experience any of them so kind of flat on details and not good at nuance.

    3. Can't STRATEGIZE

    Good with tactics, though. Not really good at understanding the why the what is important. It has no agenda.

    4. Can't LEAD

    Leaders help others achieve, part of it is because leaders have vision and can infect followers with belief. A.I. doesn't believe in anything. You have to have faith in it. It will never have any faith in you.

    5. Can't be MOTIVATED

    While A.I. will never complain because it doesn't suffer. It also doesn't want anything so it doesn't care about your hopes and dreams either. Can't bribe it with money or sex or anything.

    6. It has NO EMPATHY

    It doesn't understand you or anyone else. It simply puts out output based on it's large database of input. It responds to how you ask it to respond, but simply tries a new variant if it can.

    7. No SYMPATHY

    It doesn't feel sorry for you or anyone. Can't make it work for you? It doesn't care. Too bad. So Sad.

    8. Can't INNOVATE

    While it itself is a disruptive technology, it doesn't innovate on it's own. It simply helps you execute output on your, hopefully, innovative ideas.

    9. Won't COMMUNE

    People usually want to connect with other people. Computers are just online kiosks. I don't know about you but I don't look at the McDonald's kiosk and ask it how it's life is doing.

    10. Won't be CURIOUS

    It doesn't care about the question "Why?" It doesn't want to solve a mystery or understand the meaning of life.

    11. It won't BELIEVE with You

    It might help you work, but it won't embrace your vision. It doesn't care.

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