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10 things good bosses never do

This applies even if you hire someone to do work for you in your in personal life e.g. lawn mower, painter, personal chef etc

    1. Coddle

    Let your people stand on their own 2 feet

    2. Lose their temper in public

    It’ll show your leading from a place of fear

    3. Sound indecisive

    If a thought isn't formulated then keep quiete

    4. Cutoff communication

    5. Show disrespect

    Just because you're higher on the hierarchy doesn't mean you have permission to treat people unkindly. Don't be an asshole.

    6. Be content with your management style

    There isn't a 1 size fits all for all people and all situations. Always be improving.

    7. Overthink a hard decision

    I find the harder or more complex the decision the better off I am trusting my gut feeling.

    8. Get too involved

    Most of the time you have to to let people figure it out on their own. You gum up the works if you jump in too soon. But see #9...

    9. Wait too long to jump in

    Trust your gut to know when to get involved in a

    situation...see #7

    10. Dress like a slob

    Whether you like it or not people look up to you. Look presentable and they'll take you seriously even if it's on a subconscious level.

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