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10 Things I am grateful for today

Another one to keep the streak and hit the gratitude practice in one. Never to repeat a gratitude from a previous list

    1. Traffic

    One of them difficult gratitude moments but today i sat in traffic for two hours but thankfully that was the worst inconvenience i suffered. The accident that caused the traffic, those folks were not so lucky.

    2. Prius

    Normally people guzzle gas in stop go traffic but thanks to the prius I do not.

    3. Rain

    I hate rain but i'm trying to be grateful and just about everywhere needs the rain so let it rain and better rain than snow.

    4. Fall Foliage

    Despite the rain it was still a great day for foliage and being in traffic i got to appreciate it more than i would have if i had to drive full speed the whole trip

    5. Leftovers

    nothing better than not having the energy to cook but having something premade or leftover to heat up

    6. jeopardy

    love stimulating entertainment

    7. Memers

    had some good laughs today from goofy memes

    8. Hot Tea

    a nice rooibos warmed me up on my return home

    9. tortilla chips

    might be my favorite chip

    10. Quiet Neighbors

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