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10 Things I am interested at getting better at

I recently had a sit down with my boss. She asked me what my goal is and I told her growth. I want to make progress on all front.

- More money, bigger projects, more skills, more goals.

As long as I am making progress in my professional life, I am happy. If I see things stagnating or worse regressing then we have a problem. And the same is true in my personal life. I want to make progress. More travel, more memories, more skills, more friends etc.

It is not easy. Sometimes I feel like I just want to stay in my room and not interact with the world. But my desire to achieve goals is bigger than my fears.

    1. YouTube

    My YouTube channel is slowly growing. It is challenging on so many levels. I would not say that I am a 'natural' performer. Honestly, I might be kind of bad in front of a camera. But I enjoy working on public speaking and being 'myself' in front of a camera.

    And if I am going to be a famous international sensation the likes of Beyonce and JLo then I am going to need to be comfortable in front of the camera.

    Oh, did I mention money.

    I do enjoy money.

    YouTube has the ability to one day provide me with a little bit of extra money.

    Some microskills I would like to get better at with YouTube:

    - Video Editing

    - Thumbnails aka modeling for the Thumbnail of a YouTube video.

    - Outlining

    There are probably a hundred microskills a person needs to master in order to be successful on YouTube, but I am definitely learning a lot working on the channel.

    It would probably help if I made more videos. Right now I do 2 per week and it is a good amount of work. I would probably get better faster if I made more videos per week. We will see.

    2. Blogging

    Blogging, along with copywriting, is a very specific form of writing.

    I have written a lot of articles. But none of them have gone viral.

    Would love to write more articles. Write more engaging articles. Write articles that people want to share. Maybe write articles for other websites/organizations.

    Copywriting could help me get more clients.

    3. Cash Flow

    For many many years I was horrible at making money. I always had entry level jobs. Or slightly above minimum wage jobs.

    At the time I did not really have the skills that I have now. I was not exercising my idea muscle.

    Now I am doing pretty good. I make an average salary and I am working on growing that. But I would also like to diversify my income.

    Multiple streams of income.

    Steadily growing that income.

    4. Project Management

    I am going on 2 years now being a project manager. My goal is to become certified, to get faster and to do larger more complex projects.

    Still a lot to learn.

    5. My website:

    Definitely coming along. I have already added a few different sections and am building out the resources that are available on the site.

    There are definitely some things that I could add to the website to get more traffice and make it more valuable to visitors.

    One day this website will be a one stop shop for everything about money. Resources, tools, courses, blog, news, documents etc.

    This website is going to be a one stop shop for money and will generate a profitable income.

    Ways to make money through a website:

    - Ads

    - Membership section - patreon, substack

    - Affiliates

    - Sell online courses

    - Sell online physical products

    - Sell e-products: like essential documents

    6. Sales/marketing for my website business

    Pitch my business to potential clients. Get in front of more people and ask for their business.

    Learn about how to market my business. Do more promotion. SEO, flyers, blogs, sales funnels, talks etc.

    The goal is promote the business in order to acquire more customers.

    Increase revenue.

    Automate the business process.

    Hire employees to manage the business.

    7. Promoting myself to potential employers

    Right now I am taking the Google Project Management certification courses. I have finished the first and am on the second.

    My goal for this year is to complete all six of these courses. and then get my scrum master certification.

    Maybe I could also become Azure certified also.

    Apply those to my LinkedIn page and then see what different employment opportunities are out there.

    Also write a few more articles for LinkedIn. Would be nice to be seen as a subject matter expert in Project Management. I think these would definitely help me make more money with an employer.

    One day I will start my own software/app business.

    8. Journaling - Manifesting - Meditating

    This one is a little out there, but I believe there is value in it.

    I have never really been one to keep a journal. Where I write down the days events, thoughts, feelings etc. But I think I should. There is something therapuetic about writing down my thoughts with pen and paper on regular basis.

    Along with journaling comes manifesting. My version of manifesting is 2 parts.

    - Sitting along and imagining what you would like your life to look like: house, car, travel, business, family etc. Think about all the great things that you want to happen.

    - When you are journaling write down the things that you want. Write them down as if they have already happened.

    It seems stupid at first, but just like writing an idea list, it gets your possibility muscle flowing. You start thinking about what could happen rather than the shitty things that are happening right now. Like a client yelling at you because your software does not run their entire business for them, but yet they also do not want to pay any more money for more functionality.

    Sorry, slipped into complaint mode for a moment.

    Back to manifesting. I see myself sitting in boutique hotel in Monaco with a window that overlooks the ocean. The window is open and I can feel the ocean breeze. I am eating a bowl of fruit reading the latest James Altucher book before I head down to a pizza dinner at a small local restaurant.

    Is this ever going to happen?

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    I think it is more likely to happen if I can visualize myself being there and doing it rather than me sitting in my room in Dallas wishing I would be somewhere else.

    Do not expect things to magically happen. I hope things magically happen for you, I really do. But in my experience it takes hard work.

    If you work hard and are proactive, opportunities will present themselves that you did not think possible. And those opportunities might lead you to Monaco or somewhere awesome you never expected.

    9. Book writing

    I have never really published a book. Fiction or nonfiction. I think I could write a nonfiction book.

    I have a lot of experience writing blogs or articles, but not as much experience writing long form. Books require more 'meat on the bones' than smaller articles. It feels a little daunting coming up with an idea that could become an entire book.

    How much experience do I really have?

    I have done a lot of different jobs. I have worked on a lot of different projects, but I do not think I have mastered anything. I am slightly better than average at a lot of different things. But I do not think I have mastered anything.

    All that being said, I will publish a book.

    It will be a bestseller.

    And then I will give a talk about my book.

    Before that happens though I am going to get better with my writing.

    10. Making friends

    Personally and professionally.

    I want to be more intentional about meeting new people and making new friends. I am naturally a shy person and it takes energy to be outgoing. But I do enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

    It would be nice to expand my business contacts. Help other businesses and organizations be successful.

    Meet other like minded technology professionals. Learn from other people.

    Think of it as meeting getting out into the local community and helping more people.

    Dallas also has a great social scene. It is a big city with lots of things to do. Lots of professionals. Lots of different people. I should tap into this more.

    11. Investing

    Mr. Wonderful was speaking recently about his ETF business and it made me think about my own investing style. He has clear rules. He is diversified. He has a plan for growth. For cash flow. For asset preservation.

    There is so much more to learn about money, investing and making money.

    Mchar is my Berkshire Hathaway. If I am going to become The Oracle of Dallas, I better keep learning about investing.

    12. Microsoft Azure

    In my experience Azure is a good place to develop software. Microsoft has pretty much taken over the enterprise software business. You can develop software and host your software on their cloud platform.

    Lots of people use it.

    Just like Microsoft Excel it is not the easiest to use, but it is powerful and it is a really valuable skill to have that can be used across many different organizations.

    I understand the basics of it and how to create new stories. But I do not know how to configure and how to get the most usefulness out of it.

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