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10 Things I can Delegate To Focus on The 20 (Pareto)

10Xing means focusing on the important few and delegating or removing the rest. To focus on the important 20%, I need to remove myself from the 80%.

Below is a list of things I thought I could delegate to virtual assistance or Fiverr.

    1. 2nd Brain

    I have a lot of data everywhere, my desktop, google drive, etc. The data can be labeled, categorized, and mapped to a list of projects.

    2. Spending patterns

    I have wanted to track my data and get insight into how I spend money. A year's worth of credit card data and transactions can provide some insights.

    3. Clean my email

    Remove all unnecessary subscriptions, create disposable email addresses for internet registration, etc.

    4. Research

    Research certain topics I may need for the book I plan to write.

    5. Build personal website

    It seems everyone has a personal website nowadays.

    6. Podcast creation

    One of the experiments for the 2nd half of 2022 is to create a podcast.

    7. Proofreading

    I need professional proofreading to learn faster.

    8. Creating Graphics

    Graphics are needed as a communication tool. I plan to use graphics in my social media posts and blogs.

    9. Website analytics reporting

    Build a report about the company website.

    10. Getting some projects done

    I just need someone to ask me the right questions and keep me accountable. I am not sure if this can be delegated.

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