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10 Things I can do with Secret Stories

I am doing a phenomenal training to teach phonics. It's called the Secret Stories. This lady is magical. I wish I learned phonics this way. I may have read more. It makes sooo much sense. I might even stay at this job just because of this training. Here are some other things I can do with it.

    1. Open an Academy in South Korea for K-3

    Only teach the phoncis from this program. It would be the most wanted phonics program in the entire country. I could start it up and move to another country.

    2. Promote myself as a Secret Stories Tutor

    Now you don't really need a tutor once you know the secret stories but I am assuming a lot of districts don't use this because who uses things that work. I would make a ton of money because kids will learn to read by kindergarten.

    3. Ask Katie Garner if I could be an International Brand Ambassador

    I could travel around the world selling this to schools and teaching it to teachers.

    4. Create material for the classroom based on it.

    5. Apply the Story Technique to teach other things

    I don't know what I would teach but it MAKES SENSE. Teaching stories to anyone helps them remember. She is basically taking the theory of you learn through stories and teaching one of the hardest skills a young child learns.

    6. Start teaching blending to kids in random public places

    I could teach the AU AW sound to any child anywhere in minutes. It would be weird but it makes sense.

    7. Stay at my school and learn how to teach it

    This would keep me here. I have an interview tomorrow. If they aren't using it.. I might not want to teach there.

    8. Change the world

    I am digging for 8, 9 and 10. But I think the world would change if everyone could read by 1st grade. If kids could write books in 1st grade. I think kids would write much cooler books than adults.

    9. Illiterate adults could learn to read this way

    I could teach adults if I wanted to. I could go to some really poor country and teach them to read. Wouldn't it be interesting to read a book from someone who learned to read when they were like 50.

    10. I will just be happier

    I will feel like I am teaching something more in Preschool. It's not even hard. It's just telling a story and if they don't remember the story that's ok because we are always telling the story. It's not trying to explain tongue placement or what shape your mouth makes. Gaaaaaaah happiness!

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