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10 things I could easily develop an addiction or dependence to

Including some that I have gotten addicted to in the past.

10 things I could easily develop an addiction or dependence to

    1. Chess

    2. Ping-Pong

    I just googled it... does nobody call table tennis ping-pong anymore??

    3. Badminton

    4. The gym

    I'm kind of hoping I get more and more addicted to it to maximize my chances of sticking to it. I recently realized I forgot my shorts when I was in the locker room, and I was legitimately frustrated.

    5. Addictive drugs

    Considering I can get "addicted" to harmless things, I assume I'd be prone to be addicted to drugs if I were to try them. My understanding is that there's a difference between physical and psychological dependence/addiction.

    6. Muay Thai

    I tried it a few times in Barcelona and didn't develop a habit, but I might when I move back.

    7. Phone use

    Let's face it, this is already the case and I need to work on it.

    8. Cigarettes

    I've had a few puffs in my life and only once did I smoke several cigarettes in one evening (and another time I think I may have smoked several cigarillos). I could imagine a dependence developing. Thankfully I'm not drawn to it enough for it to likely happen, partly because the harmful effects are a huge deterrent.

    9. Vaping

    My ex vaped for a while. I remember trying it a few times and finding it extremely tempting to keep trying it. More so than cigarettes.

    10. Some creative endeavor

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