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10 things I do every day to improve my body

    1. Moisturize

    Where I live, it's extremely dry so I try to moisturize all the time

    2. Get hydrated

    You're probably not drinking enough water.

    3. Apply sunscreen

    I had no idea that cloudy days were more dangerous than sunny days - because people don't think to moisturize and the sun is still coming through.

    4. Stretch

    If you sit at your desk all day, you should at least get up to stretch every hour or so

    5. Standing or walking meetings

    If you have a lot of meetings, consider getting a standing desk or going for a walking meeting (or if you're working from home, walk on a treadmill while meeting)

    6. Buy snug clothing

    A very roundabout and expensive way of knowing you're gaining weight is trying on suits that are slim fit and realizing they don't fit anymore

    7. Buy workout clothing

    I put on workout clothing first thing in the morning. It's one less decision I have to make about what I do in the mornings.

    8. Make sure you check your body for changes

    Ideally after the shower, take a look everywhere you can. If there's anything off, go see the doctor right away. Similarly, if you are feeling off at all (internally), go see the doctor right away.

    9. Laugh

    Every single day laugh. Watch funny cat videos. Find jokes online. Watch standup.

    10. Eat more veggies

    Have you heard of meatless mondays? Go meatless one day of the week.

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